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In 1919, Schwarzwälder Textil-Werke was created by Heinrich Kautzmann in Bergzell. At this time, the production programme comprised reprocessed, high quality cotton, bleached, dyed and dressed fibres.Production methods developed over decades enable us to be one of the leading producers of short chopped fibres. We are able to chop synthetic tow down to short lengths with extreme accuracy. The re-use of fibres has been practiced since the foundation of our company. Specified fibre high quality fillers are produced from new textile waste. Multiple-stage grinding systems developped for the different fibres guarantee the quality of our products. We recycle residual waste and the energy used is ecologically produced in our own hydroelectric power stations.   
Chr. Krogh A/S
Hellerupvej 17 A, Postbox 12, DK-2900 Hellerup Danmark
Tel: +45 3962 9808 Fax: +45 3962 5088